History of Fly For Sky

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History of Fly For Sky

Postby Reed10021 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:12 am

Back in 2009, during the tail-end of my Flyff "addiction" so to speak, I found Flyff Private Servers. In 2009, servers were limited to emulators, or look-alikes, of the real thing. I picked up the so-called 'best' emulator that was available, and instantly loved it.

After messing around with it a lot, I began to feel the need to have players in-game. For me, a game, especially an MMORPG, just isn't fun if you don't have someone to share it with. As a result, Fly For Sky was officially born on March 18, 2009, although the website wasn't put up until the 22nd.

The idea behind Sky is to offer features that are rare or nonexistant. A prime example of this is the "wear anything" feature we have here. With a few limitations, a character can wear anything they desire. Another example would be the size changer (activated with the command /changesize) and the optional auto-penya-to-perin feature (activated in the options menu).

Sky is *almost* completely community ran. Meaning, if the community makes something, it is likely to find its way in-game. The community gets input on what features there is, most changes I make, and they get to voice their opinion on anything I do without worrying about a ban (aka: no abusive moderator/admin/owner).

Up until Janurary 10, 2010, Sky was, I'll admit, very bland. You couldn't do very much with the emulator files Sky used. Adding in monster spawns and items to the game was very difficult. January 10, 2010 was the day we officially moved to V14, which was the version to be at during that time (Sometime shortly after, V15 files were released). With V14 files, a whole new door opened for Sky. In May, we had our very first custom cloak, and many other custom items followed it.

Fly For Sky had its very first custom map, Sephora Island, in November of 2010. Sephora was, at first, somewhat small. It was eventually expanded into what it is today: A paradise for any player. Boss monsters are easily accessed there, and the Sephora Underground, a dungeon for level 190s only, contains some of the best items in the game.

Sky experienced some friction during mid-2010. During the time, 20+ players could be online in 1 time. Problem is, there were too many GMs. On TOP of that, players had +511 awakens from a corrupt GM. All this persuaded me to wipe the server and start clean again. This was the first of only three wipes in Sky's long history. During this time, there was some dispute about the GMs; there were just too many of them (we had around 4: Kitti, Misha, Jen, and a Test GM named Waffles). Only Misha and Jen remained after the wipe.
We got by, but not by very much. The 20+ population didn't return for a good while. Around this time there were 3 active GMs: Nosh and Misha, and Haiter respectively. Jen ended up leaving a while after the wipe.

January. The month of upgrades, it seems. Because January, 2011, We officially upgraded to V15. The players were excited, I was excited. It seems with every upgrade, Sky becomes better. With the V15 upgrade, we were able to do so many more things than in Pre-V14 and V14 multiplied.
Because of the transition from the V14 database to V15 database, I had to manually copy data over. Only active players had their data copied over immediately. User accounts were restored as people came back. During Febuary, we eventually reached a then-all-time high of around 30 people on Sky. Mysteriously, the players started disappearing late march and through april. Waffles re-joined the staff during this time. He become the website developer. He helped create the website you see today. Unfortunately, he left early April due to personal reasons.

April 12, 2011, an underwater map was finally added with the name Aquanoras. It had been under development for a good while, and it came with a level cap raise (from 140 to 160).
Several event maps were added also. This includes, at the time of writing this: Maze, King of the Hill, and Last Man Standing.
Things slowed to a crawl around this time (Sometime around August - November 2011).
Waffles then came back, and started work on the website again. Once again, he improved upon the interface, and added twitter integration.
The only high points in-game during this time was the addition of Traseia and Ankou's Lair. However, in December, a 25 days of Christmas event was held; if you stayed online for about an hour, you would get a present which held many different things. In total, there were 7 presents during the 25 days, which, all together, held over 100 items. These presents presented new, gamechanging items. For example, the 10% Cards (Zeus, Hades, ect), the (S) cards, and the Ultimate Cards. Another new item was the Nameless Face Necklace, which completed the Nameless Faceless set.

In Early January of 2012, Fly For Sky was upgraded to v17, which included 3rd Jobs and the Colosseum. This follows our "tradition", so-to-speak, of having a major upgrade in January. This upgrade was followed by Fly For Sky's second wipe. This was necessary because the existing Baruna items (Which, in the previous version, were ultimate) were causing people to crash upon inventory view. After the wipe, this problem was fixed, and things ran smoothly.

Later in 2012, around May, the server went on a hiatus. This was due to me not having any stable internet connection to run the server with. During the offline period, I still continued to work on new stuff and improve Sky. However, radio silence continued through September of 2012. Then, getting a semi-stable connection in the form of a Verizon Satellite connection which still could not host the server without Hamachi (For technical people out there, with this current connection there are no options to open any of the necessary ports to allow outside access), I held a poll which asked if Hamachi would allow players to get on the server again if they would play. Everyone said yes, and on September 28, 2012, the server resumed under Hamachi connection.
The most major improvements during this time was the addition of the Awaken Transfer System, a new custom chain quest, and a few skill alterations.

In October, near Halloween/All Hallows Eve, there was an event about said holiday. This event introduced the King of All Hallow's Eve which dropped pumpkins that could be traded in for boxes and a list of new event shields. Among the shields listed, the granddaddy of them all is the Energy Shield, and to get it you had to have 1 of every other shield. The event started on the 28th of October, and continued until the 15th of November. The Energy shield exchange was later re-added permanently, but with Happy Money instead of pumpkins.

On November the 22nd, a new patch was introduced that increased the level cap to Lv 185. Included in the patch were new weapons, new armor, new monsters, and new areas to level. Following that, on December 1st, the 25 days of Christmas was introduced yet again. On December 3rd, a new twist was added; The Yetti of Christmas Present spawned, and if killed, he would drop a different box. The event continued like that with new mobs such as The Yetti of Christmas Past and Meteonyker of Christmas Future. The Christmas Event that year introduced limited edition (SS) cards, among other things.

On January 12, 2013, a few new systems were introduced: Weapon Leveling, Item Transmutation, and the Scroll of Awakening Augmentation. Shortly after, on the 17th, a new form of currency was available: Parium, which is 500,000,000 Penya.
Around this time, we had 1 active GM: Haiter, 3 inactive GMs, Ikraam, Waldo, and Matty, and 1 Legacy GM, Misha.

On May 19, 2013, Fly For Sky wiped for the third and (hopefully) final time. This wipe was due to the Item Transmutation system; it was faulty and caused too many crashes. I rebuilt it so that it didn't have any of those issues, but the downside to the rebuilt version was that it was incompatible with the old version. So, we held a vote on whether we should keep the old one and not wipe, or use the new one and wipe. The vote overwhelmingly was in favor of the wipe, and so a wipe is what everyone got. With the wipe, a new Glow Editor system was added. Later, on June 3, 2013, a Party Finder system was added to the game. On July 30, 2013, a new command was added: /PenyaToPerin or /ptp for short. This command allowed players to convert their Penya to Perin instantly, anywhere.

In December of 2013, the annual 25 Days of Christmas kicked off. You got boxes by staying online, or you could hunt down the Yetti of Christmas Past, the Yetti of Christmas Present, and the Meteonyker of Christmas Future. Included in the 25 Days of Christmas was: ability to awaken rings; ability to get EXP% in awakens and blessings; Item Linking by holding the CTRL key down and clicking on an item; the Scroll of Unbinding; and other items that were available in the boxes.

In January of 2014, we had some upgrades once again. A new PVP system was added with different modes such as: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Tower Defense, etc. A new optional Day/Night system was added. Penya rate modifiers were added to the game. Harlequins gained the ability to dual-wield Yo-Yos.
In February of 2014, Divinium Caleus (the level 180-190 area) gained a massive update; it used to be the size of 4 Sephora Islands, and now it is the size of 9 Sephora Islands.
The Collecting Area's loot recieved an upgrade at this time. The 190 Dungeon, Sephora Underground, was released in mid-February.

On April 1, 2014, we had a little fun. This was the first year I decided to do a little prank on everyone, so no one saw it coming. The BGM for the whole game recieved an "enhancement", I let people believe the new max level was 210 and that you could level up Pickup pets, Merk suddenly had a huge range and did a lot of damage, Holycross recieved the same range enhancement as merk, and the 185 sets and Crystal weapons got "updated". Everything returned to normal the next day, but everyone had fun on April 1.
On April 29, 2014, the game's level cap reached level 190. This level, as of right now, remains the cap.
In August of 2014, the game recieved a re-balance known as the Great Rebalance of 2014. It ended in late August.

On October 28, 2014, players were able to connect to the server without the use of hamachi.
In December of 2014, the 25 Days of Christmas was held once again.

At this time, we have the following active staff members:

Head GM: N00B
GM: Lofty
Helper GMs: Dawn, Aldrin, Techrar.

This is where we are now.
Fly For Sky: March 2009 - January 2019.
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