Event Reward List

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Event Reward List

Postby Reed10021 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:10 am

[Note]: For every item in this list, you can use the in-game command /Wiki or press the F12 on your keyboard to: look through all items in a certain category, try out an item before you get it, and look at an item's stats.

Every now and then, GMs may hold events. Some events can have a set prize, and some events don't have a set prize. If you are ever asked what you want as a result of winning an event, here are the things you can ask for:

    1 Pickup Pet (Any)
    1 Scroll of Raised Pet (Any)
    1 Wing Mask Chance Box (Any)
    1 Weapon Skin (Any)
    150 Red Chips
    1000 Happy Money
    50 Blue Tokens of Valor
    1 Buff Pet Bead (Any)
    1 Cloak (NOT Nameless or Heavenly; Otherwise, Any)
    1~4 Consumables (Any) - Amount depends on how long the consumable lasts, with longer lasting consumables having lower amounts.
    1 Lucky Box/Gift Box (Any)
    FWC Fashion
      The FWC Fashion follows a special rule. You will receive bronze set pieces until you have the full bronze set, then you will trade the full bronze set out for the full silver set, and finally trade the full silver set out for the full gold set.
    Lord Fashion
      The Lord Fashion follows a special rule. You will receive Alternate Lord Fashion pieces until you have the full Alternate Lord Set, and then you will trade the full Alternate Lord Set out for the original Lord Set.

Occasionally, the server has server-wide events like during Halloween and Christmas. Here is a list of special Event items that can only be given out if a GM Event occurs during a server-wide event:
    50 Event Currency (Example: Pumpkins, Stockings, etc.)
    10 Event Boxes (Example: Halloween Boxes, Christmas Boxes, etc.)

Here is what can not be given out for an event reward:
    Cloaks and Fashion from Kawi-Bawi-Bo (Rock-Paper-Scissors)
    Any item in the Colosseum Token Shop.
    Any item in the Happy Money Shop.
    Any item in the Red Chip Shop.
    Nameless and Heavenly Cloak.
    Any item in the Event Shop.
    Any item in the Perin Shop.
    Spectral Weapons.
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Event Reward List

Postby AlekceuPl » Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:23 am

When you guys get your cars you should post your build journal or delivery topic link. For each delivered car I am linking those to your name in the list.
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