Erix revised Pve guide to slayer and templar dammage set

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Erix revised Pve guide to slayer and templar dammage set

Postby Paradox » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:52 am

1-Pve Slayer and Templar damage sets and bad ideas
a- halerry/halem mbb is good as full set meaning 4 pieces WRONG lol
just to poke a few again i will update this one

1*Rorius/Roruin 2 parts Cd 2 parts mbb
2*2-1 cd to ia build save for the helm which should be dex not str
3*if your gonna use an umbrella for last hit screw the crystal pet go Shiny mew add mbb that is missing from the set
4*vengeful dragon save for an Permanent ALT Lord piece cant remember which one adds hit% at the moment "not in the itemF12 wiki" strange!!!!!!!!
5*never hurt to swap for more dex if needed being the more dex the more the chance of a miss% Baruna item known as dragon's rain
6*most go sypher for a pet this is a bad idea dragon is much more universal if it needs to be sold at a later time, plus dragon has more damge do to the cd-ia ratio
7*Mask of Light for the obvious reasons
8*Lca Lcrf for Slayer type both ulti S and 15%in suit
9*Templar Gold Plat axe+ a swap out of a sythe Of maximum pwnage and then Ulti S gold platshield
10*slayer if you need more dex to block at times easy Baruna called dragons Rain+200 dex on a swap and its one handed
once again GTFO PokesYouALLLLLLLLLL no kidding enjoy the build.........might cause a nerf again not good LOL :PJSalt: :PJSalt: :PJSalt: :Riot: :?
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Erix revised Pve guide to slayer and templar dammage set

Postby AlekceuPl » Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:58 pm

this vendor is terrible my exhaust is welded crooked and he has bearly any comunication to fix it or try to resolve wit the maniufacture., terrible id NEVER buy from him again
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